Bespoke Reflexology And Aromatherapy Treatments

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Aroma Reflexology Treatment

Combine an Aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage together with a traditional foot reflexology treatment

Treatment 90 minutes £70

Luxury Top To Toe Treatment

Full body Aromatherapy massage and a combined bespoke foot reflexology and facial Reflexology treatment

Treatment 120 minutes £90


Luxury Foot Spa

Treat your self to a luxury foot spa and bespoke Reflexology treatment. Starting with a foot cleanse using Botanicals therapeutic Himalayan rock crystal foot soak, followed by a revitalising Botanicals foot scrub containing lemongrass and Tea Tree essential oils and a bespoke Reflexology treatment according to your personal symptoms. The treatment will end with a nurturing foot massage using Botanicals  Lavender and Chamomile essential oil foot balm.

90 minutes treatment £70