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Aromatherapy During Pregnancy And Beyond

Aromatherapy used during pregnancy is a very powerful tool in that it can help to bring balance and harmony to the mind and body. Aromatherapy works on two levels which are the physical and the emotional. Physically the essential oils pass through the skin through massage, where by molecules of essential oils then pass through to the internal organs, muscles and tissues of the body.

The beautiful aromas of the essential oils also triggers a chemical reaction which stimulates an impulse to a part of the brain which is responsible for memory. This is why we often talk about certain smells evoking memories from the past

Aromatherapy during pregnancy and during the postnatal period is very safe and it is a wonderful complimentary treat which can be used along side orthodox medicine.

Benefits Of Aromatherapy Massage During Pregnancy

Relieve Aching Joints  :  Massage is wonderful for helping to relieve lower back pain

Aid Sleep And Relaxation:  Helpful if you are feeling increasingly uncomfortable at night, massage can also help to relieve anxiety which sometimes experienced during pregnancy. Postnatally massage is a great way of getting some relaxation time

Connect With Baby:  By having a massage for 1 hour every 2-4 weeks can be a lovely way to focus and really connect with your growing baby

Boost immune System: Massage can help to boost the immune system and keep all those bugs and colds at bay

Stimulate Circulation:  Great for varicose veins

Encourage Lymphatic Drainage:  Massage can be help to relieve swollen ankles

Chamomile Therapies offers aromatherapy pregnancy and postnatal massage at Naturality Wellness Centre, Berkhamsted, Carmenta Life Well Being Centre, Berkhamsted and The Bagnall Centre in Chesham. Day and evening appointments are available.

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