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Aromatherapy skin care during pregnancy

Skin changes may occur during pregnancy due to the change in levels of hormones in the blood stream. Oily skin may become dryer and dry skin may notice a change in their sebum levels which may cause the appearance of spots or acne. If skin becomes unusually itchy it may be important to mention this to your midwife as it may be a sign of a disturbance in liver functioning. Moles, freckles or birth marks may also change colour or shape.

Pigmentation may darken in some areas of the body, and some women may notice a darkening over their faces known as “Chloasma”, and some women may develop a dark vertical line over the abdomen as the uterus grows which is called “linear nigra”.

The most commonly known skin changes are stretch marks which appear due to a change and a loss in the adhesive, elastic quality in the deeper layers of the skin. Stretch marks may occur over breast tissue, the abdomen, lower back and buttocks. Aromatherapy can be very helpful in supporting these changes and most of these changes are not necessarily a need for concern.

Massage with the application of a cold pressed vegetable base oil can help to nourish  the skin whilst the the therapeutic benefits of Essential oils can be used to nurture throughout your pregnancy.

Essential oils applied to the skin must first be diluted into a vegetable carrier oil and never applied neatly onto the skin. Aromatherapists always use a 1% blend throughout pregnancy in any application.

Mandarin (citrus reticulata)  is an essential oil which is wonderful on stretch marks, in that it has a Cicatrisant property which causes it to have an effect on improving scar tissue. It is also mildly antiseptic and astringent , which is useful in cases of spots and acne.

Neroli (citrus aurantium) apart from having a wonderfully nurturing aroma Neroli has the property of being Cytophylactic which means to encourage cell growth. It can be beneficial in treating stretch marks.

Frankincense (boswellia thurifera) one of its therapeutic properties is to nurture the skin and applied in a blend it will enhance and repair skin damage.