Healthy Ageing And Reflexology

Reflexology is extremely beneficial for the elderly as it gives them a sense of well-being. On the most basic level Reflexology can increase general circulation which is very important for this age group. Whilst it cannot claim to extend the life of clients, it can assist in the quality of it. Reflexology is beneficial to the elderly as it gives them a wonderful sense of well-being and it can help to alleviate the symptoms of many health problems.  Importantly Reflexology gives the elderly person the gift of touch and human contact which is often lacking, and it  has a profound effect upon an individual’s emotional and mental health.

Reflexology has a valuable role to play in supporting good health for an ageing population. It is a particularly suitable therapy  for older people as it helps circulation, stabilises bodily functions and it may facilitate detoxification. It is important to acknowledge that the process of ageing does not always have to be a negative decline and that the older body has a a huge capacity for regeneration and healing.

Reflexology compliments orthodox medicine and it helps with the general aches and pains of getting older, research studies have shown the benefits felt in more serious conditions including:

Arthritis, by stimulating circulation joint mobility is increased.

Reflexology can help to maintain a healthy blood pressure by inducing deep relaxation. It can also lead to better circulation of the feet and legs through improved circulation.

Anxiety and depression – Reflexology can help to relieve the symptoms by inducing relaxation and by releasing endorphin’s into the blood stream, which work on enhancing mental well being.

The effects of foot Reflexology on sleep disturbance, depression disorder and the physiological index of the elderly by Song and Kim (2006) demonstrated:

“Improved sleep quality, less depression and higher serotonin levels”

Reflexology may help with respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, sinusitis by reducing the symptoms involved.

Frequency of sessions:

The frequency of sessions are based on individual needs. However to maximise the effects of Reflexology it is recommended that a course of 4 to 6 treatments are carried out at weekly intervals to begin with. After that, maintenance treatments may be required on a monthly basis or as required.