• Combined Baby Developmental Massage and Baby Reflexology

    Jackie has   trained  in Developmental Baby Massage with Peter Walker from the Active Birth Centre  in London  and  Baby Reflexology; she teaches groups or one to one baby massage workshops …

  • Postnatal Reflexology

    When your baby arrives it is exciting but at times exhausting as your body and mind adapts to the transition to becoming a mother. During this time hormone levels drop …

  • Reflexology For Health And Well Being

    Bee - Chamomile - Flower - Chamomile Therapies - Clinical Aromatherapy, Berkhamsted

    Reflexology works with the principle that there is a “reflex” points on the feet which corresponds to different parts of the body. By stimulating these points we can help to …

  • Meditation And Reflexology

    New treatment coming soon. Watch this space!   … Supporting clients with stress, anxiety and depression Stress is a word which is commonly used in today’s modern world, but stress …

  • Reiki

    Field - Flowers - Sun - Dawn - Chamomile Therapies - Clinical Aromatherapy, Berkhamsted

      Reiki is a wonderful system of energy healing that may help you to live a more balanced, connected and joyful life. It may help to increase energy levels, reduce …

  • Reproductive Reflexology or Reproreflexology

    Fertility Reflexology is a calm, relaxing treatment which may help to reduce emotional stress and anxiety in relation to fertility.

  • Pregnancy Reflexology

    Reflexology is one of the most popular complementary therapies used by women during pregnancy.