• Reflexology For Women’s Health

    Reflexology is a wonderful supportive complementary therapy which can aid women throughout all the life transitions, from the onset of menstruation, and puberty, through to fertility, pregnancy, peri- menopause and …

  • Reflexology For Health And Well Being

    Reflexology for health And Well-being sessions are available for any of your health concerns. Following a comprehensive initial consultation focusing on health, diet and lifestyle I will create a bespoke …

  • Reflexology And Pain management

    Reflexology is a traditional complementary therapy which can be used effectively to help people suffering from painful physical conditions such as osteoarthritis, back pain, sciatica, migraines and in cancer support. …

  • Mindful Reflexology

      Stress is a word which is commonly used in today’s modern world, but stress is not something which is new to the human condition. It has always been present, …

  • Reflexology For The Elderly

    Reflexology can be powerful and empowering tool to aid a range of physical and emotional difficulties in later life. Bespoke treatments are available to address and support physical and emotional …

  • Reflexology Lymph Drainage RLD

    Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) is an evidence based, award winning, reflexology technique developed by Reflexologist Sally Kay  which is built on the same principles as Lymphatic Drainage Massage/Manual Lymphatic Drainage …

  • Clinical Aromatherapy Massage

    Chamomile - Flowers - Oil - Bottle - Chamomile Therapies - Clinical Aromatherapy, Berkhamsted

    I am  a clinical Aromatherapist  trained at the renowned school of natural medicine at Neal’s Yard in Covent garden and I am a full member of the IFPA (International Association …

  • Reiki

      Reiki is a wonderful system of energy healing that may help you to live a more balanced, connected and joyful life. It may help to increase energy levels, reduce …

  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Aromatherapy

    Pegnancy Massage - Chamomile Therapies, Berkhamsted

    My massage treatments combine traditional techniques with the addition of essential oils which will enable you to benefit from the therapeutic effects of the oils whilst relaxing with a deeply nurturing massage.

  • Fertility Reflexology


    Fertility Reflexology is a calm, relaxing treatment which may help to reduce emotional stress and anxiety in relation to fertility.

  • Pregnancy And Maternity Reflexology

    Pregnant - Woman - Sitting - Field - Chamomile Therapies - Clinical Aromatherapy, Berkhamsted

    Reflexology is one of the most popular complementary therapies used by women during pregnancy.

  • Facial Reflexology

    Orchid - Flower - Vanilla - Pod - Flowers - Chamomile Therapies - Clinical Aromatherapy, Berkhamsted

    Facial Reflexology is a holistic and gentle treatment that involves gentle stimulation of specific reflex points on the face which correspond with different body systems and organs.