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Massage And Emotional Wellbeing

Historically massage has been used as a medicine to cure illnesses, as a spiritual way to heal and connect with one’s body, a luxury experience or a means to promote relaxation. In today’s modern world many people use massage as a way to escape from busy lifestyles, to relax and as a tool of self care.

Massage can provide stress relief for just about anyone from pre term babies to the elderly. Massage can improve an individuals emotional health by reducing stress and stress hormones by increasing serotonin levels and thereby reducing depression and pain. Massage can also enhance the immune function and as a result reduce bacterial and viral illnesses.

Each time we are touched the emotions related to that touch are stored in our body’s tissues. We not only store the emotions of pleasure and happiness but also stress and fear. These stored experiences show up in bad posture, aches and pains or when we are fortunate healthy functioning muscles and joints.

The concept of Tissue Memory is fundamental to the understanding of the connection between body work and emotional release. Trapped emotions are the underlying cause of many pain syndromes. Sometimes these emotions can be located when we encounter areas of the body which is tight and where energy is blocked and fluid flow is restricted.

When we receive a massage the muscles and tissues release on an emotional level in much the same way as physical tension. In the safe, nurturing space of the massage room it is possible to relax and allow emotions to release. Massage allows the body to let go of stress and also in some cases forgotten trauma, as when the body relaxes the memory can surface as the brain and body become more connected. Emotional release is not unusual and it is actually a natural and beneficial part of the cleansing and rejuvenating part of therapeutic massage.

The positive effects of massage are increased when combined with the therapeutic effect of Aromatherapy essential oils. These natural concentrated oils are absorbed by the skin and carried into the blood stream, stimulating the body at different levels and helping to release toxins as well as pent up emotions and feelings.