Mindfulness And Reflexology

Mindfulness is the art of attending to the present moment, moment by moment whilst being non judgmental and with  acceptance and kindness. It is a skill that can be learned with daily practice to rewire the brain from its natural inclination to a negative highly stressed cortisol driven state. Mindfulness practices can enhance emotional regulation, self-kindness, increase mental clarity, decrease physical stress, low mood, anxiety and panic. Whilst also  helping to maintain and strengthen relationships with loved ones and a greater connection the  self.

Mindfulness practice is simple and can be included into everyday activities and it can be viewed as  exercise for the mind which helps us to combat the modern pressures of daily life . When we feel anxious or stressed our body, emotions and nervous system, thoughts and associations react on an unconscious level. Mindfulness helps to gradually develop an awareness which focuses our attention towards acceptance, letting go, non striving and the overall reduction of stress.

When learning Mindfulness, one of the first exercises is a Mindfulness breathing exercise which is both  grounding and anchoring and can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle. This is a simple concept but it takes time and patience to really focus the mind, to be present and to be non judgmental. All you need to do is to take time to sit and intentionally follow your breath and notice any thoughts coming and going. Over time and practice you can  learn to recognise these thoughts for what they are, and not allow them to have too much power over yourself  which can create negative thinking.

As a touch therapy, Reflexology and Mindfulness go well together as  it is the perfect opportunity to allow your mind to be in the moment. It can be difficult to not fall asleep during a relaxing Reflexology treatment but if you are able to resist this temptation, it is possible to focus attention on the treatment moment by moment. Whilst also noticing when your mind is drifting away and  then bring it back to the present.

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