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What Happens In A Pregnancy Massage?

If you are thinking about having a pregnancy aromatherapy massage but are unsure as to whether it can be a comfortable and an effective experience then please be reassured! I have been treating pregnant women for a number of years and I have developed a safe, comfortable and nurturing massage treatment.

Using  a variety of pillows, bolsters and wedge shaped cushions I am able to provide ultimate comfort for my clients. The best position for a pregnancy massage is to lie on your side with support provided under your head, bump and knees. In this position I am able to massage the upper and lower back, neck and shoulder girdle.

I have a lifting back rest which will enable you to lie on your back for a short period of time  to finish the massage treatment. It is important not to lie flat during pregnancy as this can leave you feeling dizzy as the main blood vessels can become squashed by your your growing baby. I will also support the lower back and legs with more pillows to take any pressure off of the abdomen. In this position I am able to effectively massage the rest of the body including the arms, legs, feet, face, neck and if desired the abdomen. It is not harmful to massage the abdomen and it may help you to feel more connected and in tune with your growing baby.

My massage treatments combine traditional techniques with the added therapeutic benefit of essential oils. I aim to offer an individual massage treatment for all my pregnant ladies as each  pregnancy is unique and special. I always complete a full health and medical consultation prior to the treatment  to rule out any contraindications to massage before choosing a blend of essential oils. I adhere to strict safety guidelines when prescribing essential oils and I am a member of the IFPA (International Federation Of Professional Aromatherapists)

Maternity Packages

Are you looking for a positive, relaxed pregnancy? I have developed two luxurious packages for your pregnancy, labour and postnatally. You can purchase the packages as a gift, they are also great as a leaving present for a work colleague or as a baby shower gift. Please see