Pregnancy Reflexology – How Can It Help?

Pregnancy is  such a wonderful and exciting time and exciting time and whilst every pregnancy is different  there may be times when a little support is needed. Whether you are anxious because this is your first time, are experiencing pregnancy related aches and pains, or have trouble sleeping, there are many benefits to regular reflexology treatments throughout pregnancy.

First Trimester

Reflexology may help by balancing fluctuating hormone levels, aiding relaxation and reducing levels of anxiety

Second and Third Trimester

Reflexology has been shown to help with pelvic girdle pain and a reduction in stress levels leading up to labour.

Regular weekly treatments up to your due date, may shorten the second stage of labour, according to some studies.

Past Your Due Date?
Going past your due date can increase discomfort and anxiety. Although there’s no scientific evidence to support it, Reflexologists believe that the onset of labour can be encouraged  by working on specific reflex and acupressure points  on the foot and leg. Reflexology is also a  deeply calming and relaxing treatment which can help to calm down the nervous system allowing the release of oxytocin which helps to stimulate contractions in labour. 

Reflexology once you are past your due date is completely safe as your baby will only arrive when he or she is ready.

Fourth Trimester – Post Natal 

Reflexology treatments at this stage may help with better quality sleep whilst aiding in regaining the body’s natural balance post pregnancy, Reflexology is a valuable tool in your ‘new mum’ toolkit

looking after a new born can be wonderful, but also stressful and tiring.  Hormones may be erratic leading to tearfulness and  your energy levels may  be low due to a lack of  sleep deprived.  A Reflexology treatment during this time may help give your body a chance to rest and relax and restore a sense of hormonal balance.  The more relaxed and energised mum is, the more content baby is likely to be, so take some time out to care for yourself.  It’s not selfish, it’s just common sense!