Fertility Reflexology


Are you struggling to conceive? This can be an emotionally exhausting and stressful time for you and your partner and often the causes for infertility can go unexplained. I aim to support couples and individuals with empathy and compassion on their fertility journey. Reproductive Reflexology is a specific form of Reflexology which does not cure fertility problems but it focuses on treating people in a holistic way.
Reproductive Reflexology may help to :
  • Prepare the body for conception by “kick starting” the endocrine system.
  • Balancing hormones to help boost ovulation.
  • Reducing stress levels to create the best body ecology for pregnancy.
  • Regularise menstrual cycles
  • Help to reduce the symptoms of PCOS and Endometriosis
  • May help to reduce Premenstrual and Postmenstrual symptoms
  • Aid natural conception and fertility
  • Support assisted reproductive techniques such as (IUI, IVF,ICSI CYCLES)
Before trying to conceive it is a good idea to prepare your body three months in advance by making changes to lifestyle and diet and with reflexology. Regular Reflexology may encourage the body to restore it’s natural balance by  “kick starting” the body’s endocrine system leading to a balance in  hormones and a  boost ovulation and thus conception.  Reproductive Reflexology may also help to reduce stress and anxiety in relation to assisted conception procedures such as IVF.
The treatment programme will be bespoke and tailored to your specific fertility needs which will be discussed at your initial fertility consultation. Techniques are used to support an IVF protocol which is why it is different to standard Reflexology treatments. The treatment will include charting your menstrual cycle to identify your  fertile windows and any specific anomalies. Any relevant blood hormone and sperm analysis tests will be taken into consideration together with advice in relation to diet, lifestyle and emotional support and well being.The first treatment session will include a full medical and fertility history together with discussion in relation to diet and lifestyle. the session will include a short reflexology treatment. 
I may also suggest some Aromatherapy massage with specific essential oils which can help to reduce stress levels and  bring about emotional balance.
I will tailor a course of treatments depending on whether your cycles are regular and will offer follow up treatments at particular times of the month to stimulate ovulation. 
I am a member of the Association Of Reproreflexologists.