Hypnotherapy For Stress

Coming September 2023

What Is Stress? This is a phrase which is used frequently to explain what it is like to live in our modern high charged world where demands are placed upon us in all directions. Short bursts of stress can be a positive experience in that it can heighten our performance and help us to achieve, however long term stress can have a major negative impact upon our physical, and mental health. The symptoms of stress may leave you feeling:

  • Anxious and fearful
  • Irritable and over whelmed
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Drinking or smoking more
  • Over eating
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Racing thoughts and constant worry
  • Headaches and muscle tension
  • Finding difficulty making decisions


The focus of CB hypnotherapy for stress is to enable you to change your relationship to unwanted thoughts, feelings and body sensations so that you no longer try to avoid them or react to them automatically. Instead you develop tools and strategies to respond to them in a more intentionally manner.CB hypnotherapy provides you with a mind toolkit that challenges and swaps out these unhelpful negative thoughts  for more self-confident positive ones. 
CB hypnotherapy teaches a tool kit of simple powerful techniques including meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises, together with elements of Cognitive behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help bring joy and focus to your life and break the negative cycle of stress and anxiety.