Hypnotherapy For Midlife Support

Hormonal changes during midlife can lead to challenges with anxiety, poor sleep, hot flushes, depression, loss of confidence and irritability. Stress can be a huge, and often overlooked, factor. I will  work with you in a collaborative way  to develop treatment plans which are designed around your goals and needs. I am focused and committed to supporting  you in making positive changes  so that you can also flourish throughout this stage of your life.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy  aims to help you manage specific symptoms of the menopause, your emotions, as well as your physical well being. Helping you to feel empowered and more balanced to deal with your changing body during this natural process.

In our sessions, you’ll learn coping tools such as:

  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Facilitating you to make lifestyle changes such as reducing sugar, caffeine and alcohol consumption which can have an impact upon hormones
  • Enabling you to develop good sleep hygiene
  • Enable you to become aware and address any negative emotions or negative thinking patterns which may affect confidence and self esteem