Hypnotherapy For Low Mood

It might be difficult at times to work out why you are feeling low in mood as life on the outside may seem very good but inside you may be feeling a level of sadness, feeling anxious, feeling irritable, finding difficulty sleeping, feeling hopeless and generally over whelmed together with  a lack of energy or motivation to do things which you previously enjoyed such as taking part in hobbies, seeing friends or socialising.

How Can Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Help?

Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy is very effective in enabling you to understand why you may be feeling low in mood whilst giving you some positive coping skills so that you can start to enjoy your life again.

During the sessions you will learn how to use a toolkit of coping skills which may include:

  • Building self confidence
  • How to manage anxiety
  • learn relaxation and mindfulness skills
  • Learn how to recognise and stop negative self talk and replace with positive thoughts