What Is Fertility Reflexology?

Fertility reflexology is pre-conceptual reflexology for both women and men. It is widely acknowledged that before a couple conceive, they should try to get themselves into  good mental and physical shape. Reflexology is a holistic therapy that aims to balance the mind, body and spirit and is an ideal therapy for those wanting to ensure that they can create the best environment in which to start a family.

Reflexology is an extremely relaxing therapy which promotes a sense of health and well being and it can help to calm the mind and ease away stresses.

Reflexology is all about balance. It is based on the belief that energy flows around the body and that if energy can flow freely then the body is in harmony but if the energy flow is blocked then the body is not balanced and illness may result. A reflexologist will work the reflexes of the feet to find energy blockages and then works the blockages to restore energy flow, therefore enabling the body to get rid of toxic waste products and thus heal it self.

Sub-fertility and Infertility

Many couples experience fertility problems which may be a result of ovulation problems, sperm quality or sperm count, clotting disorders and many other reasons. In fact sometimes there does not appear to be a reason at all.

Some of my clients have reported that they believe that reflexology has helped them to achieve regular menstrual cycles and due to the regulation of their cycles they have managed to get pregnant. Many clients also feel that the treatments have helped them to feel more relaxed and more positive in their desire to become pregnant.

Assisted Fertility

Reflexology may be extremely beneficial to women and couples undergoing assisted fertility treatment because it is so relaxing, calming and balancing.