Chamomile Therapies Organic Products


I believe that choosing organic is best for both people and the planet.

Choosing organic reduces potential harm from pesticide residue, including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, artificial fertilisers and many other synthetic toxic chemicals, most importantly, choosing organic respects the delicate eco-system balance that our world depends on.

Certified organic

Our pure herb and plant extracts and essential oils are approved by the UK’s Soil Association, who are internationally recognized for their high standards, though as we source globally, some ingredients may be certified at source by a number of similar international organizations such as USDA, NOP, Ecocert, Skal, etc. Foreign certification is always checked for compliance with Soil Association standards before being approved for our use.

What’s not in Chamomile Therapies  products

We believe that what you leave out of a product can be as important as what you put in.
•    No synthetic fragrances
•    No silicones
•    No mineral oils
•    No parabens
•    No GM ingredients
•    No phthalates
•    No propylene glycol
•    No animal testing

Rose Package

Mandarin Package

Geranium Package